2 September 2012
The [psi] book has an office in Berlin. If you would like to order a larger number of books for business gifts, we recommend that you contact the office directly. You will get the books at a discounted price along with special gift bags featuring the design of the book.

25 July 2012
The method to remedy dyslexia has been presented on the website in the FORUM menu / dyslexie submenu. Here, you will find thorough instructions and free access to all exercises needed in order to use said method. The contents of the book are not directly related to dyslexia. The book merely presents a new theory that made it possible to arrive at a solution to remedy dyslexia.

30 June 2012
From now on, the [psi] book is available in English and German, too. To visit the English website directly, go to To visit the German website, go to The book can be ordered from both sites in any of the given languages. Just make sure you choose the desired language when filling out the book order form.

14 March 2011
Have a little patience while waiting for the new explanations, please! We’re in the middle of working on the following:
The Slovenian Intellectual Property Office has confirmed the application for a patent on the method for correcting the reading disorder in dyslexia. In order to present a comprehensive picture on the effectiveness of the new method that has been developed based on the REI theory, I’m preparing a scholarly study together with established experts that will reveal to the world for the first time whether Slovenians indeed possess knowledge no one else in the world does. So far dyslexia has been considered a life-long disorder.
Due to excessive work on translations and other activities, there’s no time to activate the forum, which in the future will be dedicated to talking to readers. You can currently visit me on Facebook and participate in promos where you can win a free copy of [psi].
And the explanation of the sixth world, which is likely to be the hottest explanation, is also being prepared.

13 January 2011
Dear readers, it all seems that Life’s plan is coming true because [psi] is on its way to changing the world. Even though it’s still a baby that has barely started walking, many of you have already realized that this child has special genes.
Soon I’ll post a completely new therapy for eliminating the reading disorder known as dyslexia on this website. As already mentioned many times before, REI is not just one of many theories, but it also provides concrete help due to a completely different understanding of various problems. I predict that I’ll be the first in history to present the way in which this reading disorder can be completely eliminated in children. The therapy is simple and can be carried out without professional supervision, and all the instructions will be freely available on this website. I ask all of you that can’t wait to read further explanations of the worlds and take part in the discussion forum to have patience.
On this occasion I’d like to thank everyone that helped the book to be published and was there for it during its first steps. I’d like to thank you for all your letters describing how you’ve personally experienced the book, and for everything nice you’ve said about the book to your friends and acquaintances (both personally and in numerous blogs and forums), and of course for all the books you’ve bought and given to your friends as a present. Every home accepts Eros as a new family member and every copy of the book sold brings us closer to the goal—that people who don’t understand Eros’ language can accept him into their homes as well. Only as of this year we plan to translate the book into three world languages. I wish you a lot of acceptance in the worlds that surround you.


20 November 2010
We’ve posted the explanation of the fourth world—that is, Veronica’s library. Because the story depicts the world of intellectuals, the content that elucidates the events taking place in the library is accordingly complex.
The disclosure of the secret of Bach’s Passacaglia met with such wide interest that we also created an animation in order to give you a better picture. The animation shows how Bach managed to hide Louis Marchand’s name in the Passacaglia. You can view it by clicking on The Secret of Passacaglia link, which you can find at the end of the musical secret described under the seven proofs.
A discussion forum is being prepared and will shortly be available in this menu. It will be intended for your comments and reflections on the book. We will open various topics and the writer will also occasionally participate in the forum.
The readers’ response encouraged us to have the book translated. Next year the book is planned to also be published in English and German.
We’d like to thank everyone that is helping the book on its journey.

17 October 2010
I’m announcing the (already) second presentation of [psi]: this time in Ljubljana, at the Linhart Hall of the Cankar Center, on Friday, 22 October, at 7.07 pm.
You can get the tickets at the ticket counter one hour before the event, free of charge. Come and join us!

4 September 2010
Even though a little later than promised, today we’ve posted the first among the series of explanations—that is, the explanation of the introduction. You can read it under the explanations of the worlds under the Introduction link.
Keter Organica, the leading Slovenian developer of biogas power plants, has bought a hundred copies of the book and given them to the Slovenian ambassadors and other high diplomats at the Strategic Forum in Bled and the Consultation of Slovenian Diplomats in Brdo pri Kranju.
On this occasion, [psi] was also handed over to the Slovenian Minister of Defense Ljubica Jelušič and the Slovenian Minister of Foreign Affairs Samuel Žbogar as the strongest weapon for achieving world peace.
The book was also sent to a number of other high Slovenian politicians, directors of important companies, academicians, and journalists, but it turned out it hasn’t reached certain addressees … apparently the person in charge of the mail has already started reading it.

27 July 2010
The first feedback from the readers exceeds all expectations (which wasn’t really that hard because there weren’t any expectations in the first place). You can read the impressions of some well-known Slovenians by clicking About the Book.
Life gives a free copy to those that can’t afford the book. You can find out how to get one by clicking Free of Charge under How to Get the Book. Explanations of the twelve worlds will be added in August; with them, you’ll get a deeper insight into the meaning of [psi].

20 July 2010
Here you can find the latest news connected with the book. We’d like to apologize to the users of our website for the delay in adding new content. Today we’ve finished the part on the proofs and we are already preparing the instruction for how to reveal the seventh proof.