Protecting your privacy when you visit our website is particularly important to us. For this reason, below is detailed information about collecting personal and non-personal information.

DCC Marketing d.o.o. can use personal and anonymous data, taking into account the rights of persons described below to the extent permitted by law.

Website uses software to analyze website visits.
By analyzing this data, we can get important results about user requirements. These results contribute to further improving the quality of the user experience. Each time a new website is opened, the following record is stored:

– the anonymous form of the IP address of the computer sending the request,
– date and time,
– name of the page or. the file you opened,
– the link from which page you accessed this page,
– the type and version of the browser you are using,
– the type of operating system you use.

1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that stores web settings. Almost every website uses this technology. Cookies are downloaded when your web browser visits a website for the first time. The next time this website is viewed on the same device, the cookie and the information stored in it will be transferred to the website you are viewing (your own cookie) or to another website to which the cookie belongs (third party cookie). That way, the site will know that you’ve already seen this and in many cases will adjust the content displayed.

Some cookies are extremely useful as they can improve the user experience when you revisit a website that you have visited several times. Cookies are for example. To remind you of your interests, to report on how you use a particular website, and to customize the information displayed according to your personal interests and needs, as long as you use the same device and browser as before. Most of the cookies used are automatically deleted from the hard drive (i.e., session cookies) after browsing is complete. We also use cookies that remain on your hard drive even after the browser session has been completed. This improves the user-friendliness when re-viewing the website as the site adapts to your personal needs and optimizes the time the page is loaded.

2. Cookie settings on this site

2.1. Cookies without consent

The necessary cookies are provided by the functions without which you can not use this website as intended. These cookies are used exclusively by you and therefore referred to as “own cookies”. They are only stored on your computer during the current browser session.

Urgently needed cookies: We use “Session cookie”, without this cookie you can not log in and thus have no login functions.

Such cookies when changing websites, they also provide the ability to switch from the http website to https, as needed, to meet the increased security requirements for data transfer. The use of urgent cookies does not require consent.

The necessary cookies can not be deactivated by the function of this website. You can also deactivate it at any time via the browser you are using. Please also note the following notes.

2.2. Own cookies with consent

Cookies, which are not strictly necessary for the use of the website according to a purely legal definition, nevertheless fulfill important tasks. Features that make browsing our website easier, such as: Pre-filled forms are no longer available without these cookies.

2.3. Third party cookies with consent

Third-party content is also integrated on this page. You can set cookies to inform you that you have visited our site. You can find more information about the use of these cookies on the websites of these third-party providers.

Third-party cookies used:

Cookie Description: Google Analytics
Task: Collect statistics about website traffic.

Cookie description: Facebook pixels
Task: Collect statistics about website traffic and ad serving.

3. Plugins for social networks

DCC Marketing d.o.o. on also uses the so-called S”ocial Network Plugins” (hereafter called Buttons) like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. When you visit your website, these buttons are disabled by default. This means that you will not send any data to a social network without your intervention. You must enable them before you click the buttons before you can use them. The button remains active as long as you do not deactivate or delete your cookies.

After activation, a direct connection is made to the server of each social network. The content of the button is then downloaded from social networks directly into your browser and then added to the website. After activating the button, a single social network can already collect data, regardless of whether you affect the button. If you are logged in to a social network, this may be the visit of your website to your website. The social network can not call another site until you have activated the custom button. If you are a member of the social network and do not want your collected information associated with your stored membership information to be linked to your visit to our website, you must log out of a social network before you can activate the button. We have no control over the amount of data your social networks collect with their buttons. For more information on the purpose and scope of the data collection and the further processing and use of data by individual social networks and their rights, as well as the possibilities to set up privacy policies, please refer to the privacy policy of individual social networks.


Facebook social networking plugins are used on our sites. We use the “Like” and “Share” buttons. This is the offer of the American company Facebook Inc. (1601 S. California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304 USA). If you visit any of our websites that use this plugin, they will not connect to this company. This will only happen after your express consent, after which we ask you to click on the corresponding button.

For more information on the purpose and scope of the data collection and the further processing and use of the information by Facebook, as well as their rights in this regard and the privacy settings, please read the Facebook Privacy Policy at:

If you do not want Facebook to connect directly to your Facebook page, the data collected on our website will need to be logged out of Facebook before you visit our website. You can completely prevent Facebook plug-ins from adding add-ons to your browser, such as: with the function “Facebook Blocker”.


Our websites use the plugins for the social network Youtube. To do this, we use videos that are included in the website code. This is an offer from the American company Google Inc.

For more information on the purpose and scope of data collection and processing and use of data by Youtube, as well as your rights and privacy preferences, please refer to the Google Privacy Policy at

4. Your cookie settings

You can set your browser to accept or refuse cookies only with your explicit consent. We caution you that certain segments of the Website are limited or useless without the use of cookies.