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Tukaj lahko izmenjavaš mnenja in iščeš odgovore na svoja vprašanja. Forum je namenjen bralcem, ki se želijo poglobiti v filozofijo knjige [psi].
Postani del skupnosti, ki podpira poslanstvo te knjige in s svojim razmišljanjem bogati našo družbo.

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  1. Indeed, [psi] is not just an ordinary book one can find from the library, so it’s quite difficoult to write an actual “review”, because I just can’t find a way to describe it like other books. Every chapter touches me somehow and the whole book is beautiful from the inside. (It looks good from the outside too hahah! ;D ]
    [psi] was the first book ever which made me cry tears of happiness at some parts, because I realised some amazing coincidenses from my own life. Some very big coincidenses and there is a plan behind all of them.
    [psi] removed the burden from my shoulders I used to carry. I wasn’t really depressed in my own life, but sometimes I just felt so empty from the inside it often caused a fight inside my head. Thanks to Eros, now that emptiness is gone!

    “Read it again and you’ll be reading a different book.”
    True! My second reading experience was different from the first one! :p

    It really is a great book and I hope more and more people will find it. I can help by borrowing my copy to others! 🙂

  2. Even though it is “only” a book, to me it was something unique, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
    In my eyes the REI theory is the most amazing, interesting and actually useful thing there is. I cann
    ot even start to imagine how much good the book and the theory can do for the world. In this theory there is no room for guessing, things just logically come together. You realize that this is how things are and that simply cannot be otherwise, period.
    A lot of what was previously unclear and incomprehensible to me now makes sense. I am aware that I must have missed a lot and that there is still much I do not yet know – both about the book and the theory itself. And that is what is so alluring about this book, there is simply no end to it.
    The book really worked wonders on me. It reduced my fears, bringing happiness and love within my reach. With the help of the book I see the world, the people and myself in a different light. It is still not easy, but it is much easier.
    I honestly hope that experts in psychotherapy, psychiatry, etc. will soon accept this theory as the missing link in their profession, as it is truly a treasure!

    Eros, good luck to you and to the book! 🙂

  3. It took me a long time to actually start writing this impression, because the book [psi] gave me so much and my life has changed so much that I did not know which changes, events, experiences and realizations I should point out so that it would not be too long-winded …
    What the book is, what its purpose is and what it represents has already been written, but I will share with you one of the most important changes in my life that happened to me with Eros’ help and because I read the book …
    About two years back my life was down in the dumps, so to say … I had problems with my cervical vertebrae due to spondylosis … my doctor told me that there is no medicine for it, that I will have to live with the consequences until I die … for three months I experienced vertigos, constant ear infections, I took pills for 9 months … that is when I was forced to quit my job and also broke up with my then boyfriend, with whom I had been together for 4 years … I started reading books and looking for something, because all the events made me desperate, and then my gynaecologist also told me that I had mutated cells which could be cancerous and that I had to have an immediate operation … all this happened within a span of 9 months, when I was 25 years old …
    And then, for Christmas of 2010, I received the book [psi] … I read it and found it to be a nice novel … but something kept bugging me, so for the first time of my life I read a book twice … I did not quite understand certain things, so I wrote to Eros … our conversation lead to me actually opening up to someone for the first time in my life and I wrote about personal things that I previously had not even dared think about … that was when he burst my bubble and showed me the story and the theatre in which I had been performing all my life, and he made me realize that each play has an ending – and I am endlessly grateful to Eros for reaching out to me and showing me the way out of the theatre, otherwise my story could have ended tragically if I had continued to perform there …
    … after three months, when I had a colonoscopy, my gynaecologists told me that she could not find the mutated tissue anymore and that she will not cut the healthy one … and once again thanks to Eros for writing the book and sharing his wisdom, because reading the book [psi] will actually reveal the cause of the problems, the intolerance, the ignorance and the unhappiness … why all this is happening and why you are where you are .. it reminds you of the dreams and wishes you had as a child and which you had to repress due to various reasons, it gives you a new hope and shows you how to achieve everything you wanted …
    This is only a small piece of what the book has given to me up until now and I know that I will read it again, because I am really curious what else (about me) I will discover in it …

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